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Bottega Girasole is a group of designers

based in Milan and Niigata,trying through

their designs to bring fun and enjoyment

into people's lives.

In the passage of time something appears

for an instant , gives us a glimpse of the

future , and just as suddenly disappears.

Our aim is to give a coherent form to what

brings people happiness and relaxation in

their everyday lives.

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There is a part of everything which is mysterious.

ous and cannot be rationally explained.

Our aim in designing is to evoke the enjoy

ment of this mystery, while at the same time.

not losing the accurate image of the design

object and its surroundings.





VIA VALSESIA 66.c/6.20152 MILANO ITALIA tel 2 4563924 fax

1191 SHIMOORA SANJO NIIGATA JAPAN tel 0256 46 3301 fax